Experience EuroCHRIE 2015

Dear EuroCHRIE colleagues,

A very warm welcome to Experience EuroCHRIE 2015 hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University. This year’s conference promises to be an exciting and vibrant experience in the dynamic city of Manchester. We have a great platform of keynote speakers this year who I’m certain will teach us something new that we can take back to the classroom. Together with the papers that are to be presented, the speakers and the themes look set to make this a great conference in a great venue.

While you’re at the conference I would like you to consider a couple of things. This is a really important year for EuroCHRIE for two main reasons. First, we’re implementing a new strategic plan, and you will hear more of that from our ICHRIE President Maureen Brookes. Second, as many of you will know we are considering changing our name. It is not something that we have taken lightly; we are trying to be inclusive and to properly represent all of our members. We are proceeding slowly and will only agree to the change if a majority of members are in accord.

I would like to thank Dr Steven Rhoden and the organising team at Manchester Metropolitan University. They have gone about their business quietly and with a minimum of fuss, a real pleasure to work with.

All that remains is for me to wish you well, enjoy the conference, enjoy the facilities, enjoy the city and most of all enjoy yourselves!

Yours sincerely,

President, EuroCHRIE

Dr Kevin Nield
Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield, United Kingdom

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