REDGlobal Simulation

Date / Time: Monday 23rd October (8.30 - 10.00)
Venue: Radisson Blu, Nairobi
Facilitator: Heidi Anaya

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Heidi and Peter warmly welcome you to this non-commercial, interactive, and lively workshop, providing the following take-ways for educators who already use simulations and for those considering it:

Benefits of Simulations

  • 1. How do educators, in over 80 institutions, currently blend simulations into undergraduate courses such as: Hotel Operations, F&B Management, Revenue Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Asset Management, Strategic Management, and Capstone?
  • 2. Why have simulations become so popular in Graduate programs?
  • 3. How do educators use real-world simulation learning to bring STR SHARE Center, CHIA metrics, and benchmarking alive for students?
  • 4. How have simulations impacted student engagement, course evaluations, and program reputation over the last 5 years?

    New Generation Simulation Training

  • 5. How do simulations really work behind the scenes?
  • 6. How do instructors easily shape and scale a simulation to their specific course objectives and student level in just a few minutes?
  • 7. How do instructors replicate any market scenario and hotel configuration with just a few clicks?
  • 8. How can students receive complimentary certification to present to recruiters?