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12 March 2017

The Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality: A Guide for Business Practice



- 195 pages
- 22 color illustrations


- Hardcover $90.00 / £75.00
- Paperback $45.00 / £38.00
- E-book $39.99 / £30.00

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The Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality: A Guide for Business Practice includes interviews with nearly a hundred industry experts and analyzes multiple emerging trends among LGBT travelers. It offers an easy-to-read, practical, and relevant guidebook with a simple goal: to help marketing professionals, business owners, tourism and hospitality professionals, students, and trainees compete in the increasingly competitive global LGBT travel and hospitality industry.

Advance Reviews

"Impressively establishes itself as an essential and informative guide for those in the hospitality, marketing, and advertising industries. The book expertly proves the LGBT sector to be an economic, political, and societal force that cannot be ignored. The authors have compiled thought-provoking data and smartly executed interviews with leaders in hospitality.

This guide successfully serves as a concise and thorough guide to understanding the LGBT consumer/tourist, and offers advice flexible enough to be pertinent to all aspects of hospitality. The subject is handled with a brevity and perspicacity that makes it easy to navigate and utilize. Through compelling research and testimony, this handbook is a useful and effective guide for existing and newly established hospitality professionals to tap into LGBT tourism and hospitality."



1. The Foundations of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality

2. Business Essentials: Understanding the LGBT Travel Market

3. Business Opportunities

4. Marketing Your Business

5. The Global View: Opportunities and Challenges

6. Trends and Industry Resources


  • Spring 2017
  • 195 pages
  • 22 color illustrations

Use code HPP for 30% discount

  • Hardcover $90.00 / £75.00 ISBN: 978-1-939594-18-1
  • Paperback $45.00 / £38.00 ISBN: 978-1-939594-17-4
  • E-book $39.99 / £30.00 ISBN: 978-1-939594-19-8

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