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October 2018 | News

EuroCHRIE University Challenge 2019

The annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge is offered to teams of students from member colleges and universities.


  • 1. Students experience the same professional level management training used to build business acumen skills among lodging professionals around the globe. In doing so they consolidate the various elements of their studies; blend them with e-learning lessons, and apply them in a world class, real-time competition with other school teams. It is real–world learning.
  • 2. Each participating student will receive a certificate in Hotel Business Acumen, demonstrating the successful completion of an advanced application of their studies. These certificates are given very favorable recognition by recruiters.
  • 3. In addition, each student member of the winning team will receive a cash award of €125 and their Instructor will receive €400 towards EuroCHRIE 2019 travel and accommodation expenses.


All e-learning and inter-school simulation competition will be held during the weeks beginning:

  • February 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 11, 18

Each week there will be a mandatory one-hour web conference on Wednesday.

2018 REPORT: 4th Annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge 2018 results in an exciting conclusion!


In each of the weeks, students will complete:

  • A 60 minute e-learning lesson in lodging acumen
  • A 60 minute web conference with the online coach
  • A 60 minute decision meeting to determine and enter the strategy and tactics for the next business quarter of their hotel.

Each team of 4 senior students and 1 instructor will be supported by an online industry coach using e-learning, web conference, and email.

The simulation competition uses one of the world’s leading lodging simulations, REVsim® heralded by thousands of hotel professionals around the globe.

Learning is as learning does. The simulation competition is an application of learning that takes business skills and mindset to a new level of understanding, strategic thinking, and tactical precision. Student teams operate their hotels in real-time and in direct competition with other teams. There is no artificial intelligence at work. All business outcomes are the result of the decisions made by all the hotels competing in a dynamic market.

There is a 50 short answer online quiz at the end of the Challenge to confirm certification level learning. It is designed to consolidate and confirm the learnings.


The 'big win' is an opportunity for each participating student to add an extra level to their education, one that integrates course learning, and one that illuminates the business realities that lie ahead. And all of this… documented with a certification.

The team 'win' goes to the hotel that produces the best Balanced Scorecard, providing leading ratings in market performance, profit, return on equity, guest loyalty, and staff performance.


Registration is easy and is offered on a first-come basis. It is completed by the teams’ Instructor/Coach. Team member names can be added later. Simply email your name, telephone number, and school name and we will be in contact to answer your questions and complete the registration.

Please start the registration by contacting Heidi Anaya at: heidi.anaya@russellpartnership.com

2018 REPORT: 4th Annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge 2018 results in an exciting conclusion!

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