November 2016 | Management

Anders Justenlund

Anders Justenlund holds a dual position as Lecturer and Business Developer at University College Northern Denmark, teaching and developing post-school educational programmes targeting the Danish tourism and hospitality sector. Anders is a certified facilitator of creative newthinking processes which is an integrated teaching philosophy within the Department of Hospitality and Experience Management at University College Northern Denmark. He has also taught Master-degree students in Tourism Policy at Aalborg University.

Anders has a Candidate degree in Tourism Development and a BA-degree in Public Administration and Social Science from Aalborg University. During his studies Anders worked with PR- and Press relations at VisitDenmark’s market office at the Royal Danish Embassy in London, which provided him with an extensive professional network within the tourism and hospitality industry in Denmark and in the UK.

Anders’ research interests include corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, business model innovation, organisational behaviour and learning. Anders has been presenting his research and taught guest lectures in several countries in Europe, South-East Asia and Australia. In 2011 he had the honour of representing the Danish educational system on a diplomatic visit in Vietnam together with representation from the Royal Danish Family.

Anders is honoured to join EuroCHRIE as Area Consultant for Denmark, and looks forward to be a part of the further development of the network both in Denmark and internationally.