A Message from the President

Dear EuroCHRIE Members,

Just wanted to say Hi and to let you know that everything went well at the recent ICHRIE Conference in Dallas. The EuroCHRIE Board was well represented with Kevin Nield, Anders Justenlund, Peter Russell, Bill Samenfink, Ralf Burbach and myself in attendance.

Some quick takeaways and impressions that I had (and if I may ask the above individuals to share their reflections as well):

- EuroCHRIE's reputation is very strong and we are well regarded in the international community. At ICHRIE's Board meeting, we were commended on the way we conduct business and how we actively reach out to others.

- Our annual EuroCHRIE dinner at ICHRIE has become one of those "must attend" events. Thanks to Anders and Lisa Assante (University of West Florida) who organized the evening which turned out beautifully. We even had a wine tasting session conducted by Chris Taylor (University of Houston). Check out our Facebook page for the pictures and also a nice reflection by Carl Boger: https://www.facebook.com/ eurochrie/

- The way we organize our annual EuroCHRIE conference has left a lasting impression on our friends too. I have had individuals telling me how they enjoyed both the Dubai and Manchester conference and how they are looking forward to Budapest and Nairobi.

- We made two important appointments: Ed Kastli as Director-at-large and Chrystel Masdupuy as Interim Secretary. Congrats to the both of them who I know will make a major contribution!

Overall, thanks to all of our efforts, EuroCHRIE is moving in the right direction. As we turn our attention to the upcoming Budapest Conference, I am proud to share that Melani and Laszlo have been doing an amazing job too. Check out the very exciting venues in which we will be holding our events: https://www.facebook.com/ eurochriebudapest2016/ Personally, I'm really looking forward to the Budapest Conference - having our Gala dinner in one of the oldest spas in the world must be a first!

On a final note, most of you would know that I'm moving on from Dubai and will be based in Miami soon. This is probably the first time that EuroCHRIE has a President that is based out of the US - we are a globalized organization indeed! Special thanks should go to Kevin Nield, Maureen Brookes, Bill Samenfink and the rest of the Board members who voted in favor for this arrangement. I'm glad to inform you that this was also passed unanimously at the ICHRIE Board. I consider it a privilege to serve on this Board but more importantly it is the networking with all of you that I truly treasure.

Please continue to keep in touch and I look forward to catching up with you in Budapest!