19 June 2017 | Elections 2017

Election Results

The EuroCHRIE election process has now closed and the results have been independently verified. I have pleasure in informing you that the following candidates have been successful:

Vice President

Ralf Burbach

Dublin Institute of Technology,


Dr Ralf Burbach, Head of the Hospitality Management Discipline and Assistant Head of the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), has worked in a number of lecturing and managerial roles in different higher education institutions since 2001. Ralf has thirteen years professional hospitality industry experience and held managerial posts in Germany, the UK and Ireland. Ralf is a member of the Irish Hospitality Institute, board member of the Irish Hospitality Trust, Chartered Member of the CIPD, member of the national Hospitality Skills Oversight Group and the Director of Education at EuroCHRIE and area consultant for Ireland.

Platform Statement

I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to be part of the EuroCHRIE family, first as an Area Consultant for Ireland and more recently as the Director of Education. In addition, I am the conference chair for the EuroCHRIE 2018 conference in Dublin.

The organisation faces many challenges but also opportunities. As the Vice President and subsequently President of EuroCHRIE, I will seek to capitalise on and further boost our core strengths, that is, by providing an international networking platform for research, education, professional development and industry partnerships.

One of the most critical issues for EuroCHRIE is to develop and communicate a clear value proposition to our existing and potential members and stakeholders. Our external environment is changing very rapidly and as an organisation we ought to stay abreast and take account of developments in hospitality and tourism research and education.

As a VP, I would like to establish a continuous dialogue with all of you to ensure that EuroCHRIE can better serve its membership and stakeholders and to capitalise on the many opportunities that present themselves. Together, let us invigorate and transform the organisation and strive to lay the foundation for the continued success of EuroCHRIE.

Director of Networking (Conference)

Patricia Cuevas

Business Associate in iUni Consulting,
Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Patricia Cuevas is Business Partner for Training and Talent Management in iuni consulting. She is an Executive Manager with 17 years’ experience in hospitality and education. Her expertise is focused on people management and training. She has international and multicultural experience in developing hospitality educational projects in Africa, Latinamerica and Asia.

She has a Master degree in Training and Coaching from the University of Santiago de Compostela and a Master Degree in Hospitality Management and a Bachelor Degree from the University of Sevilla.

She joined ICHRIE- EuroCHRIE in 2010 and two years later she became part of the board as Area Consultant (Spain & Portugal). In 2015 she was elected as Director of Networking and Conference. As Director of Networking, she acknowledges that networking is one of the most important values of EuroCHRIE.

Platform Statement

After six years collaborating with EuroCHRIE as AC (Area Consultant for Spain and Portugal) firstly, and last two years as Director of Conferencing and Networking, I am completely sure the importance of belonging to this organization where professional congeniality is important for collaboration and contribution to Academia.

During this period, the organization has changed a lot, membership has increased and more young colleagues have discovered the advantages of exchanging experience and knowledge thanks to ICHRIE. The organization also has turned into a greater global and innovative federation. As aresult of this situation, more institutions are willing to host a conference, and this is a fantastic issue.

The hospitality industry is an essential sector in the worldwide economy. There are many challenges in the forthcoming years. I want to continue helping EuroCHRIE with the future challenges of hospitality, tourism education and quality research. After collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan University (2015) and Budapest Metropolitan University (2016) conference teams, I am willing to continue with my responsibility as Director of Conferencing. In this direction, if I am re-elected as Director of Conferencing, I am motivated to fulfill the excellent strategic plan of EuroCHRIE.

Director of Research

Xander Lub

Academy of Hotel & Facility Management
NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences


Prof Dr. Xander Lub is a Professor of Hospitality Management & Experience Design at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. Previous employers include University of Auckland (’97-’99), Hotelschool The Hague (‘99-‘07) and Saxion University of Applied Sciences (‘07-‘15). Xander holds a PhD in Business Administration from University of Tilburg and a MSc from University of Leiden. Xander is an active supporter of EuroCHRIE, as a board member, a reviewer and involved in the organization of the 2010 and 2017 EuroCHRIE conferences.

His research interests include Hospitality, Experience and Service Design as well as OB/HRM-related issues. Xander serves as a reviewer for 6 international journals, and his work is published in leading scholarly books and international journals in hospitality and management.

Platform Statement

Having been involved in the organization of EuroCHRIE conferences (2010/2017) and serving on the Board and paper reviewing processes for the 8 years, I have had the chance to observe how EuroCHRIE has developed in the past years, and I am proud to be part of this great family. However, I believe EuroCHRIE is ready for the next step. In an increasingly networked economy, EuroCHRIE has the opportunity to play a pivotal role in forging increased collaboration between researchers at schools across the EAME region to create a stronger hospitality and tourism research profile.

If elected as Director of Research, I’m committed to strengthening the EuroChrie community through increased international collaborations and academic excellence in the following ways:

  1. Forge collaborations with leading hospitality journals and build special issues around conferences

  2. Develop stronger intra-school research communities around key research areas and serving as a network for joint research grant proposals

  3. Propose new conference formats such as Small Group Meetings or PhD workshops to supports collaborative development of expertise

  4. Develop activities to strengthen research and reviewing skills through the development of guidelines, workshops and learning communities (i.e. academic writing, specific research skills, joint subsidy application).

If elected for this position, I would be honoured to carry on the good work of Liz Ineson and help further build our community and increase our relevance to stakeholders!

Director of Member Services & Development

John Lohr

Director of Development - School Relations


An international American, Swiss Hotel School graduate who has lived in over 8 countries and visited over 50 and now residing in Europe, John is highly active and engaged in many Hospitality, Education and Government organizations. His current role with hosco, the world's leading hospitality network, as Director of Development and past work with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute have given him an extensive global network and unique insights into the problems and challenges our industry faces.

John's vision is to bring academia and industry together to collaborate on common neutral grounds for the overall betterment of the hospitality profession. He is married to his wife Angelika, a Polish citizen, and has two sons Aleksander (6) and Stefan (4). He is an avid world traveller and cultural enthusiast and a very strong support of EuroCHRIE and its values.

Platform Statement

I served in the past as the Director of Membership for EuroCHRIE and led the organization to reaching over 200 members. Currently I've been acting as the Director of Marketing and Communications on the board however my passion and strengths have always been in membership and recruitment. My extensive travels with hosco will enable me to wear "multiple hats" and promote EuroCHRIE membership at the same time. I also plan to leverage my network of school partners from my past work with other companies and convert them to EuroCHRIE members. New channels where potential members lie will be explored such as "Research Gate" and from a management perspective I understand the challenges we face with ICHRIE and will work hard to finally streamline our membership process and produce valuable membership data for our organization.


Chrystel Masdupuy

Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac,


Chrystel holds the position of International Projects Coordinator at Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac, France. She develops new partnerships and does pastoral care for students who look for internships abroad. Chrystel has also been the MBA Programme Leader at Savignac.

Chrystel has an MA in English and American Literature and Civilizations from Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux, France and an MPhil in Psychology and Cinema from University of Sheffield, UK. Throughout the years, she gained extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial learning, methodology and events management as well as knowledge and understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry in France.

Platform Statement

Bonjour! My name is Chrystel Masdupuy and I am running for the office of Honorary Secretary with EuroCHRIE board of directors. I have been Area Consultant for France since 2014 and served as Interim Secretary since last summer. EuroCHRIE has quickly become my extended family, and I firmly believe that all together we can expand our network and increase opportunities. Since we are all from different countries, our take on research, events, industry-related issues and organisation varies slightly, and I think this is our main strength.

In order for everyone to work hand-in-hand and in a constructive way, I aim to give the most accurate minutes while making it simple to find information as well as to be the link between all board members. I will assist all board members to promote strong communication and increase involvement with industry. I am looking forward to networking and giving my best to ensure EuroCHRIE remains the key Federation in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Risto Karmavuo

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Helsinki, Finland


Risto Karmavuo has an MSc in Hospitality Management and is a Director of the Culinary Management DP at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland. In his current work position Risto is responsible of developing culinary management higher education, partner relations, education export as well as several RDI projects that explore innovative restaurant concepts. He was also a member of organizing committee for 2009 EuroCHRIE conference and has been a member of EuroCHRIE for a number of years.

Risto has previously worked in a company specializing in consultancy in hospitality business and he is also as part-time journalist and editor of Fine Wine Magazine, author of seven wine and food related books and a wine lecturer.

Platform Statement

I have had the honour of serving on the EuroCHRIE board first as the Area Consultant for Finland and after that as Director of Networking (conferences). I am currently appointed as interim treasurer of EuroCHRIE working in close co-operation with our federation administrator. The role of treasurer is important to the Federation and relies on budget preparation, the payment of invoices, ensuring that income and expenditure is transparent and that the ‘books balance’. I need to work closely with many stakeholders in the Federation and also at ICHRIE and due to my long relationship understand the mechanics of the Association.

I would be most happy to continue serving EuroCHRIE as their elected treasurer.

Directors will be sworn in at the ICHRIE Conference in Baltimore on Thursday 27th July 2017 at the ICHRIE Annual Business Meeting at 8‐9am in the Baltimore Ballroom.

Can I take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on their achievement and wish them every success in taking EuroCHRIE forward. Can I also mention candidates who were not elected, as well as outgoing directors, and thank them for all the work that they do in supporting EuroCHRIE

  • Chair of the Nominating Committee

    Also: EuroCHRIE Immediate Past President

    Kevin Nield
    Sheffield, United Kingdom

    e: nieldkevin@gmail.com