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Gala Dinner Report

The Gala Dinner took place at the 5-star Colombi Hotel with a gastronomic menu, served with excellent local wines. The background music was played by White Cello but the highlight of the evening was the Awards Ceremony. The Awards ceremony was opened by Maureen Brookes Immediate Past President of EuroCHRIE in her role as Chair of the Awards Committee. Also on stage with Maureen was Antoinette Klute owner of the ANGELL Akademia and host of the EuroCHRIE Freiburg 2013 Conference.

EuroCHRIE President Richard Ginioux presented the President's Award to Paul Jackson who stepped down from EuroCHRIE secretary last July. Christian Perrette, Executive Director of the Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Foundation presented the Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Award to Philippe Rossiter former Executive Director of the Institute of Hospitality. Red Global was recognized with the International Industry Award and this was accepted by Karsten Bobek, REDGlobal Europe while the Regional Industry Award was presented to Eric Lassialle, General Manager at the Panorama Hotel Mercure in Freiburg.

The Best Paper Award sponsored by the Institute of Hospitality went to Maureen Brookes from Oxford School of Hospitality Management for "Using Virtual Learning Resources to Support Students on International Work Placement". Willy Legrand and Philip Sloan from the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef-Bonn were honoured with the Laureate Award in recognition of his contribution to research in hospitality, presented by Christian Daujat, Dean of Academic Affairs at the Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Download the PDF of Gala Prize Winners & EuroCHRIE Awards 2013

Paul Jackson accepting the EuroCHRIE Presidents Award L-R Anders Justenlund, Paul Jackson, Maureen Brookes and Richard Ginioux Philippe Rossiter accepting the Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Award from Christian Perrette Maureen Brookes accepting the Best Paper Award sponsored by the Institute of Hospitality L-R Richard Ginioux, Philippe Rossiter, Maureen Brookes, Maria Lockwood Willy Legrand accepting the Laureate Award for both himself and Philip Sloan L-R Christian Daujat (Dean of Academic Affairs, Glion Institute of HE) Willy Legrand and Richard Ginioux Karsten Bobek, REDGlobal Europe accepting the International Industry Award for REDGlobal, USA Antoinette Klute presented the Regional Industry Award to Eric Lassialle, General Manager at the Panorama Hotel Mercure in Freiburg. Finally Karsten Bobek, REDGlobal Europe and Ms. Heidi Anaya, REDGlobal USA holding the International Industry Award. (Unfortunately Heidi was delayed for 12 hours en route and missed the Ceremony) Robert Wetterauer Managing Director of the ANGELL Business School Freiburg and the ANGELL Akademie Freiburg with Caroline Kossack, Event organiser getting ready to close EuroCHRIE Freiburg 2013 and pass the Award to EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014 Caroline Cossack passing the Award to Stuart Jauncey from the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management who will host EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014. L-R John Fong, Richard Ginioux, Caroline Kossack, Stuart Jauncey and Robert Wetterauer

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