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EuroCHRIE host yearly conferences during which the latest research in hospitality and tourism is presented to hundreds of hospitality and tourism researchers from all over the world.

Organizing a EuroCHRIE Conference

Call for Conference Location 2018

One of my tasks as Director of Conference is to smooth the bidding process to institutions that would like to organize an EuroCHRIE Conference.

Organizing an international conference requires a dedication of time, financial and manpower resources to undertake the planning and execution of a successful event. At the organizer-host will find a complete working document of Bid Document that will help any institution to evaluate whether you are ready to organize an international conference or not. In this sense, the Board approved recently a 100 points questionnaire to simplify the bidding process. Therefore, for 2018 EuroCHRIE Conference onwards the process will be divided into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1

Analyses the feasibility for your institution to organize an EuroCHRIE conference. The emphasis is on general aspects such as manpower, financial control, accessibility, location, conference facilities, security (to mention a few). Your institution should fill in a questionnarie and submit to the Director of Conference 24 months prior to the conference. Once the Conference Committee validates your proposal, you should start phase 2.

  • Phase 2

The organizer-host presents the final Bid Document 18 months prior the conference. The Conference committee should analyse, make suggestions and approve the finalized document.

Every institution should evaluate its proposal with this new questionnaire. It has the following objectives:

  1. To ensure your proposal maintains EuroCHRIE conference quality standard precepts and consistency;

  2. To be a self-assessment guideline for host organizations when planning to organize a EuroCHRIE conference;

  3. To simplify the bidding process, providing information to the EuroCHRIE Board members.

Once the organizer-host should receive EuroCHRIE approval to your questionnaire, the institution should submit a definitive global bidding proposal.

We hope this guide will encourage your university to present a candidacy for organizing a very successful conference in 2018.

Remember the deadline for 2018 Conference is October 2016. We are looking foward to hearing from your proposals soon.

100 Points Questionnaire

Designed to simplify the conference bidding process

Also available to download in *.doc format

Patricia Cuevas (
EuroCHRIE Director of Conferencing

Next Conference:

2016EuroCHRIE Budapest, Hungary

Venue: Budapest Metropolitan University

26-28 October 2016

Update: Call for Papers - Submission has now closed.

Past Conferences:

2015EuroCHRIE Manchester, UK

Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University

15-17 October 2015

2014EuroCHRIE Dubai, UAE

Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University

6-9 October 2014
Conference Website

2013EuroCHRIE Freiburg, Germany

2012EuroCHRIE Lausanne, Switzerland

2011EuroCHRIE Dubrovnik, Croatia

2010EuroCHRIE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009EuroCHRIE Helsinki, Finland

2008EuroCHRIE Dubai, UAE

2007EuroCHRIE Leeds, UK

2006EuroCHRIE Thessaloniki, Greece

Would your institution like to host a future EuroCHRIE conference?

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